Criminal Minds Season 14 Spoilers: Dr. Reid’s Decision Can Only Save Garcia’s Life From Mary

In the premiere episode of Criminal Minds Season 14, Mary may shoot a bullet on Garcia’s head if Dr. Reid doesn’t agree to her condition.

Criminal Minds Season 14
Photo Source: Facebook / Criminal Minds

The premiere of Criminal Minds Season 14 is knocking on the door and many fans are speculating that the American police procedural crime drama series is going to have the last season. Initially ordered on May 12, 2018, the upcoming season is declared to have 15 episodes, quite low compared to previous season’s 22 episodes.

The fact – Criminal Minds Season 14 will have 15 episodes – is not a rumor. Sources say that this number of episodes is needed based on the show’s plotline and CBS’ slots for the series. However, the number of episodes can be changed anytime, hence this should not be taken as a confirmation.

The premiere episode of the upcoming Season 14 is expected to solve the cliffhanger in Season 13. The premiere episode should not be missed as it will mark the series’ 300 episode. The official description for the first episode reads that it is the duty of other BAU members to save Penelope Garcia (Kirsten Vangsness) and Dr. Spencer Reid (Matthew Gray Gubler), who have been abducted by Benjamin David Merva (Michael Hogan), as reported by Newsweek.

The BAU members will be seen dealing with a dangerous cult called Believers, or Believers may be a cult of serial killers spearheaded by Merva – this is yet to be perfectly investigated. On the other hand, fans were surprised to see Special Agent Mary Meadows (Karen David) was involved with the murderous group and her involvement was making the situation worse for the BAU members.

Mary told Dr. Reid, “Join us or she dies.” Dr. Reid was seen in the previous finale getting an ultimatum – either he needed to join the cult or Garcia would have to take a bullet on her head. Hence, fans are quite worried to see how Garcia’s life is saved as everything is based on Dr. Reid’s decision.

Criminal Minds Season 14 will be premiered on Wednesday, October 3 on CBS.

Image Source: Facebook / Criminal Minds


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