Suits Season 8 Spoilers: What Can Happen In Episode 11

The airing date of Suits Season 8 episode 11 is not confirmed.

Suits Season 8
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Suits Season 8 will go on a hiatus following the broadcast of episode 10 titled Managing Partner. Fans will be upset to know that the American legal drama series will be off for some months as the filming will continue for the second half of the ongoing season. The episode 10 titled Managing Partner was aired on Wednesday, September 19.

Although Suits Season 8 episode 11 has no airing date, judging by the previous seasons, episode 11 is expected to hit the small screens in March 2019. Express reveals that the audiences living in America will initially be able to see the airing of each episode, and then it will be available on the following day on Netflix UK for British fans.

There is also a probability that the mid-season finale of Suits will be completed on a cliffhanger similar to the 7th cycle’s Donna (Sarah Rafferty) locked in a romantic kissing scene with Harvey (Gabriel Macht). On the other hand, Samantha (Katherine Heigl) will be in a fight with Alex (Dulé Hill) for her name on the sign.

Stay with us to get more updates on the series.

Feature image source: Suits Trailer

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